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At Hogar Cuna San Cristóbal, we are committed to transparency and responsibility in the management of the resources entrusted to us. We strive to maintain high standards of accountability in all our activities and operations.

Financial Report

Financial Transparency

We regularly publish detailed financial reports showing how funds donated and generated by our activities are used. These reports are available to all our donors, collaborators and the community in general.


Continuous assessment

We carry out periodic evaluations of our programs and activities to guarantee their effectiveness and constantly improve our work.


Efficient management

We strive to manage our resources efficiently and effectively, ensuring that every peso invested has the maximum impact on the well-being of the children we serve.


Social responsability

We are committed to acting with integrity and responsibility in all our interactions, complying with applicable laws and regulations and respecting the rights and dignity of the children we serve.


Accessible Information

We maintain open communication channels so that any interested person can easily access relevant information about our operations, projects and results.

We value the trust given to us by our donors, collaborators and the community in general. We are committed to maintaining high standards of accountability and working diligently and transparently to fulfill our mission of providing a safe and loving home for the most vulnerable children.

Digital magazine

Welcome to our digital magazine. In it you will find interesting topics related to adoption, our shelter services, future projects, activities, testimonies and stories from our people and adoptive families. We hope you like it, and we urge you to share it with your loved ones so that more and more people know the mission of Hogar Cuna San Cristóbal.


Organization Documents

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