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“Hogar Cuna San Cristóbal was the difference in our adoption process. Having a broad understanding of the different types of adoption allowed us to visualize the type of commitment we wanted to make with our child.
We were blessed by a voluntary adoption placement and with the privilege of being able to have a relationship with our baby's biological family, through the semi-open adoption option. Have the answers for clinical staff, for example, “Were there any complications during the birth, is there anyone who is deaf, did Mom or Dad have speech problems?” And with a text, being able to provide the correct information for that evaluation is priceless. It is one less stressor for us as parents and an opportunity to get to know our baby's family and maintain a healthy relationship that, in the future, will allow our baby to interact with her biological family and know her story. This adoption model for me is perfect, I see it as a “win, win, win” for the baby, biological family, and adoptive family.”

Wilberto Martínez y Nair Rosario

Almost 6 years ago, after a long wait, we received a call from Hogar Cuna San Cristóbal, giving us the great news that there was a nice person who wanted to meet us. The joy that my husband and I felt was so great that we counted the hours and minutes until the meeting. This is how we received a beautiful child into our family who was voluntarily placed for adoption with the Hogar Cuna San Cristóbal by his biological mother right after he was born. I believe that this act is the best thing a mother or father can do if they find themselves in need of it or if for some reason they understand that they will not be able to take care of the minor or will not have the support of the family or the economic capacity to raise them. If this mother had not thought about voluntary adoption placement and, on the contrary, she had decided to abort or abandon him, Julián would not be in our family today.

As soon as we saw him we fell in love with his gestures, his eyes and his tenderness. When he was barely a month old, we carried him in our arms, hugged him, and he immediately gave us a wonderful smile, in moments the tears began to run down our cheeks. We “clicked” instantly, he felt so much like us from the first hug that we carried that moment engraved in our hearts.
As soon as we received the call, we told everyone the news, and everything was full of celebrations and joy, our families welcomed Julián with a lot of love and affection. Julián, who will soon be 6 years old, was born from the heart, before he came into the world, he was greatly desired, and from the first day we saw him we knew that he was going to be our child. And God is so great and merciful that months later he blessed us with a biological son of our own. We are eternally grateful to God Our Lord and to Hogar Cuna San Cristóbal for being key pieces in our process and in that of many other parents who, like us, have managed to fulfill their dream of receiving into their homes these children who so much need a home and a family that loves them.

Fam. Ruiz Cruz

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